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Free Render Sample Pack

Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

Free Render Sample Pack

Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

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3 Rendering Myths

3 Rendering Myths

Myth #1: I can trust a larger company that’s been in business longer to do a better job.

Choosing a company that’s been in business for a long time or perceived as being the biggest in the industry doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive a high level of service and quality. I can be quite the opposite.

The more jobs a company takes on, the less important yours can be. You could be treated as “just another number”.

Generally, bigger companies have:

  • More jobs they need to look after, leaving your home with less attention.
  • More customers to deal with.
  • Too many tradesmen to “keep an eye on”.
  • Don’t have their “finger on the pulse”.
  • Often times, in an effort to cut expenses, the giants will make significant compromises in quality and service. The layers of bureaucracy provide a numbing lag between action and consequence.

“The value of an individual customer is always greater for small businesses than for large corporations.”

At Perth Render, we’re a small family business and we want to keep it that way. You can call me (Daniel, the owner) directly any time should you want to talk.

Because we are a small, family run business, our success lies heavily on every home we render. Every home we render is extremely important to us. Unlike larger companies that have higher profits and can easily absorb the impact of a bad job, getting it right the first time is very important to us.

We love having a close relationship with our customers. If you would like to deal directly with the owners, then generally avoid large companies.

Myth #2: Rendering will all value to your home.

Not all renovations are created equal.

For the most part, rendering does add value to your home – but only if done properly!

A bad rendering job will almost certainly de-value your home because potential buyers will notice things like peeling, rising damp, cracking, damage to windows, un-even walls, bad joins and stains.

Myth #4: The cheapest quote is the best quote.

 The lowest price doesn’t always reflect the best value. If you want to make a true comparison between quotes, you need to make sure you’re comparing “apples with apples”. If a quote isn’t detailed and specific, A contractor can charge “variations” and “non inclusions” once they have you locked in on a low price.

As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

 Why other renderer’s may be cheaper.

  • They offer no written warranty and if they do, have no intention of ever coming back. They don’t spend the extra time and attention to ensure the work is perfect to ensure nothing goes wrong in the future.
  • They hire cheap, low-skill tradesmen and labourers.
  • Don’t pay for insurance.
  • They “Stretch their materials”.
  • Poor preparation to protect your home.
  • They rush the job by not levelling and straightening walls and window reveals.


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