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Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

Free Render Sample Pack

Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

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Cheap Rendering Quotes

Cheap Rendering Quotes

If you have received multiple quotes, you may have a quote that is cheaper then ours.

While we’re not cheap, we’re not expensive either.

Like any other trade, renderers or “plasterers” range in the quality of services they provide. There are many inexperienced, “dodgy” people and companies that pose as professionals.

Many homeowners are so focused on “how much?” they should spend that they never even consider anything else. This can lead them to hire the wrong person.

Before you chose a renderer to work on your home, there is ONE IMPORTANT question you need to ask YOURSELF and that is:

“Do I want the cheapest job or the best job?”

Most people look at price only, but there is so much more than that to consider when hiring a renderer.

A renderer who charges super-low rates simply cannot afford to do proper job that is flawless, will last and leave your home in a tidy manner .

If you want your rendering finish to be flawless and to last, then it’s important not to let a low price affect your decision and hire only top quality people.

If you think hiring a good renderer is expensive, wait till you hire a bad one. I’ve personally had to fix cheap renderer’s work that has ended up costing the homeowner twice as much as it should have.

Before considering a cheap quote, make sure your getting true value for money and consider below the “7 Ways Bad Renderer’s Cut Their Costs”.

7 Ways Bad Renderer’s Cut Costs

  1. They are unskilled. Some “tradesmen” work at a discounted rate because they are really more like laborers that can’t demand tradesmen rates. They charge according to the work they produce and what they are worth. They also hire other cheap labourers to help them cut costs, which results in carelessness and a poor finish.

Be careful of people saying something like; “I’ve been doing this for 20 years”. Just because someone has been in a trade for a long time, doesn’t not mean they’re a highly skilled perfectionist, clean and reliable. Some of the worst tradesmen I have seen are men who have been in the industry for many years who feel entitled, are stubborn and “stuck in their ways” who could care less about the work they produce for you.

Not trying to blow my own horn, but I am a highly skilled perfectionist that produces top quality work. I believe I am in the highest top 5% of quality plasterer’s in WA. I have been the main Plasterer for many high profile builders and worked on many display homes. I have been rendering for 10 years and try to get better every day. Just like any other profession, because of my skill level and experience, I charge accordingly. I believe I create much more value to you then cheap, unskilled people who produce a cheap finish.

  1. They rush the job.

Some renderers will quote cheap, then make up their cheap quote by working faster and harder to get more done. This means the quality of your rendering drops. There’s just no other option for them. Plasterer’s can work faster by not straightening and leveling walls and leaving ugly corners.

When I work on your home, I never rush. I treat each home like a work of art and refuse to leave any aspect or the job sub-standard. I just can’t do it. I make sure that every small detail is perfect, no matter how long it takes me.

  1. Applies thin coats.

Many plasterers apply their render much thinner then the required 10mm. This allows them to carry out more work and cut their material costs dramatically. But what this does is leave you with render that is thin, very likely to crack and go drummy. It’s also hard for you to find this out because you won’t know until you take some off the wall.

I apply render thicker, then anyone I’ve ever come across. My render is thick and strong and always ends up the correct 10mm thickness or thicker.

  1. “Stretches” his materials.

It’s common practice for some renderer’s to use less cement and lime then manufacturer specifications, which allows him to save money on materials. This leads to weak render that is prone to cracking, falling off and paint peeling. It’s fairly easy to get away with since owners are unaware of the correct ratio’s and the right “colour” of the finished render.

I always mix to the exact manufacturer specifications with all materials I use. To me, it’s not worth risking your home to save a few bucks.

  1. Prepares your home poorly or not at all.

By nature, rendering is a very messy job.

Most plasterer’s and renderer’s spend their days working on new building sites where there is no preparation needed. The can get right into it without a care in the world or any thought toward preparing the job to ensure there is no mess.

Because they typically aren’t used to working on established homes, they haven’t developed a system to properly prepare your home for the messy work to come. In my experience, most plasterer’s in Perth believe it’s easier to clean up their mess then to prevent it in the first place. Because cement render is very hard to remove, cleaning up afterward is a nightmare.

I was guilty of this practice when I started rendering existing homes (19 years old). Just like most plasterer’s I was very nervous to render existing homes because of the potential damage and mess created. Not to mention the owners stress when they started to realise just how messy rending is and seeing cement all over their windows and doors! After spending hours scrubbing windows and floors I learnt the hard way.

I knew there was a way to over come this problem with careful, patient preparation. Through extensive trial and error, I developed a system and sourced specialty materials that protected homes from the mess of rendering.

Before I start rendering your walls, I arrive the day before to lay heavy duty black plastic on your driveway and pavers. Next, I tape up all of your windows, eaves and doors using specialty tape that eliminates paint tearing. When I’m finished, there isn’t a trace of mess left behind because I don’t create it in the first place..

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

  1. Writes obscure Quotes.

Many renderer’s quotes don’t contain much detail. If you want to make a true comparison between quotes, you need to make sure you’re comparing “apples with apples”. Does the price include GST, mini bin, sand, cement, lime, surface protection and clean-up? If an item isn’t specified is there then a chance for an argument to arise for something you assumed was included but to the renderer, wasn’t?

When I provide you with a quote, I take into consideration everything we need including all materials, a min-bin, electrician, preparation and sand delivery so there’s no hidden costs or nasty surprises to you.

  1. Offer’s No Warranties or Guarantees.

Most renderer’s offer no written warranty and if they do, do they have the intentions of coming back should something go wrong? Can they afford to spend the extra time and attention needed to ensure the work is perfect to ensure nothing goes wrong in the future? Have they quoted the job so cheap that they can’t do the job right in the first place, let alone take time off to fix the work once problems arise?

I guarantee every aspect of my work to be to the highest standard. When I finish the job, I’ll ask you if you’re happy with everything before I ask for payment. Every wall will be finished flat and flawless. If you’re un-happy with any of my walls I will re-coat the walls immediately, no arguments and of course, free of charge.

I also provide you with a written 7 year workmanship warranty. I also provide warranties that go with the Dulux AcraTex texture coating. If a renderer hasn’t competed the Dulux Training Course (like I have) your texture coating warranty will be invalid.

  1. Quotes for a “Cash” price.

It’s always tempting to “pay less for cash”

Paying in cash can be a huge risk for both you and the renderer.

The biggest problem with paying in “cash”, is you basically have no proof of purchase. If anything goes wrong like render falling off or cracking, you legally won’t have a leg to stand on.

Personally, I would never make a large investment into my home without some proof of purchase, warranty and receipt.

Most of us won’t buy a new TV without a receipt or warranty!

If the render accepts cash, he is legally taking a big risk and could get into serious trouble should the ATO find out.


Rendering your home is an investment into your biggest asset. If the job is done right, you will see a return on your investment. If the job isn’t done right, you won’t see an return on investment. Worst still, a bad rendering job can actuall lower the value of your home and you may end up having to render your home again.

If accept cheap quote, you may be risking your biggest investment. Let me ask you:

Is it worth risking your home trying to “save” a few bucks?

Or, would you rather pay a little more and have total peace of mind that your investment is protected, your won’t be taking any risks, will be happy, your home will look great and your will have added value to your home?


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