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Free Render Sample Pack

Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

Free Render Sample Pack

Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Perth Render.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Perth Render.

Here’s 10 good reasons why you should choose Perth Render to render your home instead of anyone else.

  1. We don’t cut any costs. All of our render mixes are full strength and adhere to manufacturer guidelines. We always use correct ratio’s of sand/cement/lime in all of our mixes. Many renderer’s use too much sand to “stretch” the mix to save costs. Our render is strong and solid as it gets.
  2. 7 Year Written Warranty. Before we start any work on your home, we provide you with a written Agreement and 7 Year Warranty to cover you in every aspect. We also have options for 10 and 15 Year Warranties backed by Dulux as an option.
  3. Careful Preparation: Before we start, we dedicate a full day to prepare and protect your home. Heavy Duty Black Plastic is laid on your pavers and driveway. All windows and doors are covered with drop sheets. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. We use only 2 specific types of tape that don’t damage your window frames and eaves. Unlike normal cheap tape, this special tape doesn’t leave sticky residue either. (We learnt this the hard way)
  4.  All Inclusive. We arrange and deliver mini-bin and plasterer’s sand to your home. We place the bin and sand exactly where you want it.
  5.  We Clean Up. We Guarantee to leave you home 100% spotless and stain free. No other renderer’s offer this because they don’t take the time that we do to prepare & protect every home.
  6. Quality People. We don’t hire laborer’s or cheap trades. We only hire Plasterer’s who have at least 4 years industry experience. It’s not good enough for us that the tradesmen are good at what they do, they must also be reliable, clean, polite, respectful and trustworthy. Your home will always be in professional hands.
  7.  Deal directly with the Owner. Myself(Daniel), the owner of Perth Render, personally supervises, prepares and works on every job. If you have any questions or concerns, I’ll be right there.
  8.  Flawless Finish. Our workmanship can’t be beaten. Every wall will be finished flat, level and flawless. All corners are square. We don’t “Rule Off Freehand” like most renderer’s, we use straight edges to guide every corner. If you’re un-happy with any of our walls we will re-coat them immediately, no arguments and of course, free of charge.
  9.  We’re ULTRA reliable. We will start when we say we will and finish on time. If anything unexpected comes up, we’ll call you right away and keep in close contact. Don’t you hate it when people jerk you around?
  10. Expert Colour Help. For a low price, we’ll arrange for Certified a Colour Consultant come to your home and help make sure your new render will match your home’s driveway, roof, garage door and window frames.

If you’re tired of putting up with out-dated bricks, then give me a call on 0402 143 969. We can just have a chat or I come over and give you some helpful advice.



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