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Free Render Sample Pack

Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

Free Render Sample Pack

Let us post you out real samples of our render and information on each option.

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The Dangers of Choosing a Bad Renderer

The Dangers of Choosing a Bad Renderer

Poor planning by inexperienced or “cost-cutting” renderer can lead to a number of time-consuming and costly problems down the road including:

  •  Cement and Texture Coating stains on your path’s, driveway and windows if:

You renderer hasn’t carefully taped and protected every surface area near the walls to be rendered.

  •  Significant paint damage to your windows, doors and eaves.

We learnt this the hard way. Through trial and error we found there are only 2 specific types of tape to use on driveways, windows and eaves that don’t tear off existing paint when we remove the tape. This tape isn’t cheap, only available at specific stores and must be applied with millimetre precision.

  •  Your home will be treated like a building site if:

Your renderer usually works on new building sites and isn’t familiar on how to prepare an existing home for rendering.

  •  Your windows will pool with water and rust if:

The renderer hasn’t rendered below the water outlets and applied a slope to the render to allow run-off.

  •  You walls will look en-even and patchy in direct sunlight if:

Your renderer “rules off” too fast, trying to rush the job, applies too much or too little water to the surface and doesn’t level the walls.

  •  Your Render may fall off or crack if:

Your renderer makes a “weak” mix to save money, doesn’t remove surface dust or apply moisture to bricks that need it, or “slap’s” the mix on the walls.

  • You won’t be covered if something goes wrong.

You paid the renderer cash or he hasn’t given you a written warranty.

If the renderer doesn’t have adequate insurance, or worse still, no insurance.

If a renderer works outside his insurance limit, the insurer will dispute any claim he makes. This means, if something goes wrong, you’ll have to foot the bill.

For example: Did you know that a contractor needs make sure each of his tradesmen are covered for workers compensation insurance?

If a worker isn’t covered and gets injured, will you have to pay his hospital bills?

  •  You’ll be own your own when:

It comes time to making colour selections. We have an expert colour consultant available for you at a very low price to make sure your new render will match your home’s driveway, roof , garage door and window frames.

  •  You risk of not getting what you paid for.

A “bad renderer” may start work and then make up their initial low price by charging for “extras”, “add-ons” and “variations” you assumed were included in their quote but they were crafty enough to leave out.

It’s like buying a car and the dealer charging you extra for a spare wheel, and floor matts. For example, some “bad renderer’s” won’t mention hiring a mini bin or delivering sand and cement.

You might assume everything has been included in your quote but the renderer may start and then start asking you to pay for things.

This can easily blow your initial quote and budget out by $100’s. It can also lead to arguments between you and the contractor and possible court action.


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